What We Do / Services Offered:

This is the process that removes damage from natural stone to produce the original finish. There are three stages of restoration that range from aggressive to minor. Grinding is the most aggressive with large amounts of the stone surface removed. This is used to remove heavy wear and lippage. Honing is used to remove light wear and etching. Polishing is used to remove very light etching and is the final step in restoration.

Maintenance is part of the care program for natural stone that will help the finish look better but will not remove wear or heavy etching. Frequent dust mopping and mechanical buffing is the key to maintaining your floor. Maintenance will prolong the need for aggressive restoration but will not take the place of it.

Stone Cleaning:
The process that will loosen and remove dirt and other impurities from the stone’s surface, pores and grout is know as cleaning. Agitation, dwell time and rinsing are part of stone cleaning. It is best to have separate mops and buckets just for natural stone and the chemicals used so that unwanted soiling and chemicals are not introduced to your floor.

Impregnators are chemicals that are applied to natural stone to help protect it from stains. These chemicals work below the surface to form a barrier. Impregnating natural stone is crucial in some areas, not as critical in other areas, but always recommended.

Grout Cleaning:
Similar to stone cleaning but for porcelain and ceramic floors. The chemicals and rinse are always extracted by a wet vac or truck mount equipment.

Tile Repair:
Minor cracks and chips can be fixed by using epoxy fillers that can be colored to match your tile. Tiles should be repaired as soon as possible to keep the cracks from growing. This can help keep you from having the tile replaced.

Tile Replacement:
Should the tiles need to be replaced, first we find a match for your tile and grout. Then the selected tiles are removed and new ones are installed. After the tiles are set, the regrouting is done. Sometimes it is necessary to cut new tiles to ensure a tight fit or to match the original tile size.

Tile Installation:
If you are interested in a new floor or additions to an existing one, we can help with the entire process from selecting the materials to the final install.

Special Services:
Although natural stone care is our primary service we are also able to offer professional carpet cleaning, window cleaning and pressure washing.

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